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The definition of word "circle":
+1 rate 1. anagram cleric
+1 rate 2. ring-shaped geometric figure, round figure; group, society
rate 3. surround, encircle; go around in a circle
rate 4. Geometrical curve, one of the conic sections, consisting of the set of all points the same distance (the radius) from a given point (the centre). A line connecting any two points on a circle is called a chord and a chord passing through the centre is called a diameter. The distance around a circle (the circumference) equals the length of a diameter multiplied by &#03C0;. The area of a circle is the square of the radius multiplied by &#03C0;. An arc consists of any part of a circle encompassed by an angle with its vertex at the centre (central angle). Its length is in the same proportion to the circumference as the central angle is to a full revolution.
rate 5. Antarctic Circle
rate 6. Arctic Circle
rate 7. Cartesian circle
rate 8. Vienna Circle;
rate 9. U P P E R F L O O R (n) an upper floor in a theatre or cinema where people sit to watch the performance Shall I get seats in the circle or in the stalls? Dress/ Front circle seats/tickets are quite expensive - the upper circle is cheaper. Compare gallery (R A I S E D A R E A) ; stalls (THE A T R E) .
rate 10. Underwriters, actual or potential, often seek out and "circle" investor interest in a new issue before final pricing. The customer circled basically made a commitment to purchase the issue if it comes at an agreed-upon price. If the actual price is other than that stipulated, the customer supposedly has first offer at the actual price.
rate 11. base circle and turning circle.
rate 12. Dream symbol Heart, circulatory system
rate 13. The balcony with tiered seating above the stalls. Also known as Dress Circle or Grand Circle.
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